SeafDav and WSGI

actually I have Seafile 6.1.2 fully working on Ubuntu 16.04 with Nginx and MariaDB.

In order to prepare migration to 6.2.x, I’m trying running it on WSGI.

I have SeafDav too, should be nginx configuration for SeafDav stays in FastCGI or must be migrated to WSGI?
How to do it? I cannot find anything on documentation.


That’s correct: SeafDav stays in fastcgi mode,

Many thanks!

Thanks for this precision! I was also puzzled by the seemingly contradictory docs: WSGI instead of FastCGI but no mention of WSGI in the official manual’s WebDAV section.

Is this information still correct for 6.3? After all, the 6.3.0 announcement states that:

With this upgrade [of Django], the fast-cgi mode is no longer supported. You need to config Seafile behind Nginx/Apache in WSGI mode.

Nowadays, WSGI is recommend for SeafDAV and fastcgi is removed since version 6.3. So you should change to WSGIdav, there are also some solutions in the forum if you get troubles.

ok, thanks a lot! I’ll search some more on the forums. It’s a pity that the official manual hasn’t been updated to reflect these changes.

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The official manual is a bit of a mess. You have to use some community maintained manual.

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I am still waiting for some volunteers that want to contribute to the community manual. A lot people complain but none (except 2) responded.

I do not have the time anymore to maintain such repo alone.

Please send me a PM if you want to contribute regularly, then I will provide a few people with write access to the repo.