Seafdav keep password prompt issue while mapping as network drive

Using webdav I have mapped the seafile as network drive in windows 7 but it keep prompting for password every time whenever open any file. Any workaround ? Please suggest. Thanks

Domain username and password prompt every time whenever open any files or folder even after remember my password. Please help me to fix out the issue.

Attached prompt keep coming. Please help me


Dear Community,
Please support to fix out the issue.
@mulmer , Any idea about this? Please help me.

While not a solution to this problem, give seadrive a try if you don’t specifically need webdav.

Otherwise you could try if carotDav works better than Windows. From work I know that windows webdav sometimes is a bit glipsy. At least you could find out, if the problem is with windows or seadav.

Did you ever get this solved ?

I tried carotDav and it works fine. But seadrive is good options to map as network drive. I tried almost everything but seafdav keeps prompting username password every-time whenever open any file/folder.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Did you make sure to temporarily disable your local Windows Firewall or the Firewall of your 3rdParty Antivirus Scanner ?
Sometimes Antivirus have alot of network security mechanism that prevent these kind of things from working properly

ok, Sure let me check. Thanks a lot.

I checked but still same issue. :frowning: