[seafdav or seafile?] Request entity too large with nginx as reverse proxy

I am not sure below issues is seafile client or seafile server, in log, seafile server got nothing in log after failure.


  1. Using web do upload files(32M and 49M), the web feedback 413 error. if upload less than 31M, then no problem. I do check the client_max_body_size, if modify this value in nginx config file, for example, set it to 20M, it works. set to 50M, the 32M and 49M still cannot upload. there is no any related upload file size settings in seafile.conf in /opt/seafile/conf
  2. Using different way, for examples seafile client, it is same.
  3. Try synced local disk, and copy file into synced folder, then works.

What I need is works with web and seafile client.

My solution is:

  1. Using docker for onlyoffice
  2. Using ubuntu 16.04 for seafile server, seahub and others.

related link:

File size is 49M
I have same issue, I confirm the client_max_body_size already set to 0, but when I upload file, it gives 413 error.

And I check the nginx only install one version, one in docker with onlyoffice, and another one in ubuntu with sea web.

The below two log doesn’t give any information.
==> /var/log/nginx/seahub.error.log <==
==> /var/log/nginx/error.log <==

And I using client to upload, also give same error, the log only applet.log had error:

[02/08/18 16:28:42]starting ccnet: (“-c”, “/Users/Ben/.ccnet”)
[02/08/18 16:28:43]trying to connect to ccnet daemon…

[02/08/18 16:28:43]connected to ccnet daemon

[02/08/18 16:28:43]starting seaf-daemon: (“-c”, “/Users/Ben/.ccnet”, “-d”, “/Users/Ben/Public/Seafile/Seafile/.seafile-data”, “-w”, “/Users/Ben/Public/Seafile/Seafile”)
[02/08/18 16:28:44][Rpc Client] connected to daemon
[02/08/18 16:28:44][Rpc Client] connected to daemon
[02/08/18 16:28:44][MessageListener] connected to daemon
[02/08/18 16:28:45]Starting the network status detector
[02/08/18 16:28:45][Rpc Client] connected to daemon
[02/08/18 16:28:45]setDockIconStyle show failure, status code: -50

[02/08/18 16:28:45][Rpc Client] connected to daemon
[02/08/18 16:29:39]request failed for http://x.xxxxx.com/seafhttp/upload-api/6d93ba58-3b18-447f-9e61-f960985a5cb1: status code 413

[02/08/18 16:29:44]Failed to upload file: