Seafevents gets restarted every 10 seconds if EVENTS PUBLISH is enabled

According to the manual it is possible to use Redis as a message queue.
If I set enabled = true within the EVENTS PUBLISH section and restart Seafile I end up getting seafevents restarted every 10 seconds:

[01/04/18 19:49:32] seafile-controller.c(102): spawned /usr/bin/python2.7, pid 12018
[01/04/18 19:49:42] seafile-controller.c(574): pid file /opt/seafile/pids/ does not exist
[01/04/18 19:49:42] seafile-controller.c(599): seafevents need restart…
[01/04/18 19:49:42] seafile-controller.c(87): spawn_process: /usr/bin/python2.7 -m seafevents.main --config-file /opt/seafile/conf/seafevents.conf --logfile /opt/seafile/logs/seafevents.log -P /opt/seafile/pids/
[01/04/18 19:49:42] seafile-controller.c(102): spawned /usr/bin/python2.7, pid 12025
[01/04/18 19:49:52] seafile-controller.c(574): pid file /opt/seafile/pids/ does not exist
[01/04/18 19:49:52] seafile-controller.c(599): seafevents need restart…
[01/04/18 19:49:52] seafile-controller.c(87): spawn_process: /usr/bin/python2.7 -m seafevents.main --config-file /opt/seafile/conf/seafevents.conf --logfile /opt/seafile/logs/seafevents.log -P /opt/seafile/pids/
[01/04/18 19:49:52] seafile-controller.c(102): spawned /usr/bin/python2.7, pid 12032
[01/04/18 19:50:02] seafile-controller.c(574): pid file /opt/seafile/pids/ does not exist
[01/04/18 19:50:02] seafile-controller.c(599): seafevents need restart…

[2018-01-04 19:49:42,818] [INFO] [seafevents] database: sqlite3, path: /opt/seafile/pro-data/seafevents.db
[2018-01-04 19:49:42,841] [INFO] [seafevents] database: sqlite3, path: /opt/seafile/pro-data/seafevents.db
[2018-01-04 19:49:42,846] [INFO] remove pidfile /opt/seafile/pids/
[2018-01-04 19:49:52,811] [INFO] audit is enabled
[2018-01-04 19:49:52,813] [INFO] [seafevents] database: sqlite3, path: /opt/seafile/pro-data/seafevents.db
[2018-01-04 19:49:52,833] [INFO] [seafevents] database: sqlite3, path: /opt/seafile/pro-data/seafevents.db
[2018-01-04 19:49:52,838] [INFO] remove pidfile /opt/seafile/pids/
[2018-01-04 19:50:02,867] [INFO] audit is enabled
[2018-01-04 19:50:02,868] [INFO] [seafevents] database: sqlite3, path: /opt/seafile/pro-data/seafevents.db
[2018-01-04 19:50:02,892] [INFO] [seafevents] database: sqlite3, path: /opt/seafile/pro-data/seafevents.db
[2018-01-04 19:50:02,897] [INFO] remove pidfile /opt/seafile/pids/

My seafevents.conf is a copy of the one which can be found in the linked manual - except of the IP address and password of the Redis server.

Seafile version: 6.2.4 Pro Ubuntu edition
OS: Ubuntu 16.04.3

Haven´t used it before so I cannot tell if it ever worked with earlier versions though.

Did you install redis on the server? And are you using sqlite as database?

Yes, running a local Redis server version 3.0.6 which is accessible and I can insert keys e.g. via Ruby.

As the log messages already tells I´m indeed using a SQLite database for seafevents because it doesn´t support Postgres and I don´t want to run a Postgres cluster together with a MySQL cluster just because one service of one application doesn´t support it.

Ok, so in this case i can’t help you. Maybe @lian can help.
Might be a problem, because you use sqlite.

@CertifiedG did you find a solution for that? I’m running into the same issue! The pid file gets delete every 10 seconds


[11/13/18 09:40:14] seafile-controller.c(590): pid file /home/hans/workspace/sf/pids/ does not exist
[11/13/18 09:40:14] seafile-controller.c(616): seafevents need restart…
[11/13/18 09:40:14] seafile-controller.c(87): spawn_process: /usr/bin/python2.7 -m seafevents.main --config-file /home/hans/workspace/sf/conf/seafevents.conf --logfile /home/jan/workspace/sf/logs/seafevents.log -P /home/hans/workspace/sf/pids/
[11/13/18 09:40:14] seafile-controller.c(102): spawned /usr/bin/python2.7, pid 23597


[2018-11-13 09:45:05,171] [INFO] audit is enabled
[2018-11-13 09:45:05,172] [INFO] [seafevents] database: mysql, name: seahub-db
[2018-11-13 09:45:05,189] [INFO] [seafevents] database: mysql, name: seafile-db
[2018-11-13 09:45:05,315] [INFO] [seafevents] database: mysql, name: seahub-db
[2018-11-13 09:45:05,331] [INFO] remove pidfile /home/hans/workspace/sf/pids/

SQLite is not supported for the professional edition.