Seafile 11.0.5 False error when creating Library


Since the upgrade to Seafile 11.0.5 (Community + Docker), we have a nice empty error box each time we create a library. After refresh (F5) the page, the library appears, so the creation is fine.
It’s not a critical problem, only cosmetic.

I have the same issue.
Deleting libraries has the same effect.

And: the error is reflected by the SyncClient, which is very annoying (not only cosmetic) because it will create an empty lib on the server, show the error and not establish a sync-connection.

The only error I receive in seahub.log is the same as posted in

which imho does concern another problem, but may be the reason for the useless error message in the frontend.

You can ignore the errors or refresh the whole page.

We perform the upgrade a second time, with fresh install, no errors this time.