Seafile 11 Desktop Syncing Client with LDAP


Starting Seafile 11, it is possible to use something else appart from mail to identify oneself (like usual UID).

I bridged my ldap server with my new seafile instance. I can identify on seahub using a LDAP account, but when I try to do the same on seafile desktop syncing client, it doesn’t work.

Is it something not yet implemented on client ? (It says connection impossible, wrong userid or email, but I tested it from web browser on seahub and it works well. It’s a LDAP account)

It is a bug that in Seafile 11 LDAP users can not login in the desktop client. The next release will fix the issue. You can then test again.


Thank you for your quick answer :slight_smile: . Waiting for next release then !

EDIT : I confirm this is corrected in 11.0.2 release.