Seafile 11 + OnlyOffice - error opening files

Hello. I am trying to make this integration work.
My environment:
seafile 11.0.1 + OnlyOffice latest in docker on one machine. All set, containers are running.
Nginx server is external. Location configured. JWT configured.
Welcome page opens successfully.
When i try to open a .docx it show the onlyoffice interface but with red error: Loading failed.
Google development mode says: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()

I dont get even which logs to look at?

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Can you say a bit more about the server environment?

Was this an upgrade or clean install?

Is this Docker or traditional binaries?

As i mentioned it is docker. I did upgrade from Seafile 10 to 11. But onlyoffice is a fresh addition after i upgraded to seafile 11.

I have an additional info on error:

If i press on “File” menu from OnlyOffice interface goole dev tools show the following error if this helps:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'fileType')
    at i.applyMode (app.js:8:468335)
    at i.render (app.js:8:462993)
    at (app.js:8:463423)
    at i.showMenu (app.js:8:496339)
    at i.clickToolbarTab (app.js:8:2280198)
    at app.js:8:171379
    at p.each.p.forEach (app.js:8:91428)
    at n.<anonymous> (app.js:8:171357)
    at app.js:8:90390
    at p.each.p.forEach (app.js:8:91488)

I guess i need to wait for a fix? I cant find what i did wrong in deployment. Can someone confirm that latest releases of Seafile and Onlyoffice work together?

Enable debug mode in Seafile and OnlyOffice if available. This might provide more detailed information in the logs. Check the browser console for additional error messages when trying to open a document. It might provide more details about the 403 error.