Seafile 7.0.5 CE Error when indexing

How do I troubleshoot an ‘error when indexing’ issue? Seafile.log shows

[02/06/20 12:14:17] sync-mgr.c(582): Repo ‘Research’ sync state transition from ‘initializing’ to ‘committing’.
[02/06/20 12:14:17] index.c(45): MapViewOfFileEx error: 8.
[02/06/20 12:14:17] unable to map index file
[02/06/20 12:14:17] repo-mgr.c(3935): Failed to load index.
[02/06/20 12:14:17] sync-mgr.c(962): [Sync mgr] Failed to commit to repo Research(89d350d9).
[02/06/20 12:14:17] sync-mgr.c(621): Repo ‘Research’ sync state transition from committing to ‘error’: ‘Error when indexing’.

FYI, I’m running server 7.0.5 on Docker (Windows 10).

The problem is your library contains too many files. The sync client may failed to sync large libraries. Try split it into multiple libraries.

And what is too many?

I used to synchronize a library with 200k files which used to work.

The limitation only applies to Windows.

Thanks, and what is the limitation?


Splitting it into multiple libraries worked. Thanks.

It’s not a static limitation. More or less when you have more than 500k files in a single library this can happen.