Seafile-7.0.6.msi client open website problem


when the server using customize port other than 80 or 443;
will redirect to
and said: Sorry, but the requested page could not be found.
should be without /client-login:12345

7.0.4 and before client it’s ok. this is new bug of 7.0.6

and view on the cloud also has this problem

client-login/:12345/ is extra, which not need.

No updates?

Thanks. We can reproduce the problem. It is not urgent problem for now. We will fix it in a later release.

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seafile-7.0.7.msi tested,
not fixed yet.

Still not fixed in seafile-7.1.4, rpi edition. In my case, if I right-click “View File History” in Finder (macos), the OP’s kind of wrong web address (<ipaddress>:8000/client-login/:8000/repo/file_revisions/...) is launched, and fails. I am using the standard ports. If instead I manually correct the address to <ipaddress>:8000/repo/file_revisions/... it works

seafile-7.0.9.msi tested,
problem fixed