Seafile 9.0.1 CE and Collabora integration

Hi, I have Seafile 8.0.7 CE (not in a docker container) integrated with Collabora and everything works as expected. After an upgrade to 9.0.1 beta editing of documents fails every time with an error message, that the server is disconnected. Clearing of browser cache does not help. The issue occurs in each browser. No configuration changes are made because of the upgrade. Suggestions appreciated.

Did you enable the golang file server?

It does not work with and without golang file server enabled unfortunately.

Hello, is there any error message in seahub.log and seafile.log ?

Hello again.

I just deployed Seafile 9.0.1 pro on and integrated Collabora/CODE, I can open and save office files normally.

I used the following command to start a Collabora/CODE docker container on server.

sudo docker run -t -d -p -e "domain=demo\\.seafile\\.com" -e "server_name=collabora-code\\.seafile\\.com" -e "username=username" -e "password=password" --restart always --name code collabora/code

Just did another test - same problem. Everything works, I am able to sync, upload and download via browser etc. In order to test the Collabora/CODE integration I have downloaded Vivaldi appimage to eliminate the browser as a possible root cause (my main browser is Firefox), but the issue still occurs - first a message appears, that it tries to clear the document from the last session (even if this document was never opened in this browser) then I get “the server has been disconnected”. If I revert to 8.0.7 I am able to open and edit all documents in a browser.
I do not use docker but I do not believe that it causes my problem. I have checked the logs again - I can not find a relevant error there. Please let me know if you want to have look and I will upload them.

Can you give us a test account of your Seafile to let us take a look at the specific phenomenon ?

And a tmp linux account so we can login to your Seafile server to check some log and add some debug code ?

Sure. Please provide me with email address to send the credentials

It works now, @lian thank you very much for your support.
The solution was to update SERVICE_URL to ‘httpS://domain.tld’ in, then to restart the server.