Seafile 9.0.5 pro high cpu

@shoeper @daniel.pan

I have 3 companies all on 9.0.5 , server has high cpu . 50 users approx per company on 4cpu 16 gb ram

the syncing is very slow as a result, one of the clients they are down completely i just switched them over from their old server explaining how seafile is so great now im rather embarrassed by this situation

I am running drive client 2.21 and server pro 9.0.5


You can send support questions to

This isnt a forum? If anyone want to solve this problem send messege to you?

There are many issues can cause high cpu. It may not be Seafile problem. It requires some time to analyse the problem.

If you are using a paid pro edition, we can help you analyse the problem, which requires you to send email to and the license information.

thank you @daniel.pan I disabled GO File server and the issue went away its back to using very little cpu. If anyone else has this issue make sure you dont have GO file server enabled in seafile.conf

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@melbruki Can you send fileserver.log on your server to for our analysis?

ive just sent it over

@melbruki thank you for the logs. From the log, your issue may be related to this bug: Go fileserver breaks sub folder sharing with Seadrive - #2 by feiniks . The client fails to update a shared folder so that it retries it continuously. 9.0.6 Pro will fix the issue.

Ok thank you