Seafile 9 + OnlyOffice 7.1 can't open publicly shared docs

Hi everyone,

I run Seafile community edition 9.0.5 and OnlyOffice 7.1.1, all from official docker images. The problem: If you share a document from Seafile (create a share link), it fails to open in OnlyOffice:


There is an error message in OnlyOffice container’s log:

[ERROR] nodeJS - auth missing required parameter editorConfig.mode (since 7.1 version): docId = 4eac04a26156d3421246

I am not able to find anything about this, besides this page from the api documentation: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Config

Has anyone run into the same problem? Does the OnlyOffice API call from Seafile have to be modified?

Opening files directly from Seafile, when you’re logged in, works fine.

Temporarily I resolved the problem by downgrading OnlyOffice to 7.0.

Same issue with 9.0.5 pro edition

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I’ve found how to fix it and have created a PR, see


Right, I was looking at the same line. Thanks for the PR! The only worry I would have is if this would break compatibility with older versions of OnlyOffice.

@daniel.pan is there a reason this merge request was not accepted? Currently people who use onlyoffice have to stay on OnlyOffice 7.0.

I seem to have lost the possibility to publicly share onlyoffice documents to read+edit. Did anyone else run into this problem? Seafile 9 + OnlyOffice 7.0

It is merged now.

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