Seafile Android App 2.1.12 crashes on opening files

Yesterday i got an update to 2.1.12 on my Nexus 5x android Smartphone.
Now the app crashes every time when I want to open a PDF, txt, doc, xls… file…
Is this already a known Problem?


Same problem here Android App nach Update auf 2.1.12 keine Anzeige von Dokumenten

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Hallo Ste_P

It seems the problem occurs only with android 7.0 or above.
If you would like to test a beta version(with a quick and dirty workaround :wink:) , please see my GitRepo.

I tried this apk and is working with galaxy s8 and nougat. Please update also version from store.


Same problem here.
It crash when opening file.
Android 7.1.2
Seafile server 6.0.8

I can confirm the crash. Android 7 here.

The android app has been broken for weeks now.

Any plans on a fix?

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Fixed in version 2.1.13


What is your response time for serious app bug fixes like this one?
For community several weeks may be somewhat acceptable (as its free), but for your paying pro customers there should be fixes out within 24-72h max. as it breaks their productivity.

@others, what do you think about this?


Thanks Daniel!

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I still have the problem with 2.1.14 on one of my devices: a Moto G(5) with Android 7. 0.
A Moto G(3) with Android 6.0 works fine with the same server.

Same problem here: 2.1.14 crashes on opening a .txt document (haven’t tried it with other types).
Honor 8, Android version 7.0.
Gone back to version 2.1.13 and it works fine.