Seafile android Camera upload can't select destination directory

I can’t for the life of me turn on the Camera Upload feature on the android client, version 2.2.45.

I check the option which launches the Configuration Helper.
I swap right and select Wi-Fi only
I swap right and select Photos only
I swap right and selet Automatically guess camera albums

I swap right and here the problem happens, in “Select Remote Library”:

As you can see on the screenshot, my account is selected. But on the bottom there is “Please set up an account in Seafile first”. I can go Up to Parent Folder, select my account again and I’m back on the same page. There’s no way to actually select the destination library!

From there I can swap right and finish the setup by clicking Confirm, but nothing actually happens. The option “Turn on Camera Upload” isn’t checked in the end.

Other than that the app works for me.

Fix was to have at least one unencrypted library. Maybe a better error message should be used.