Seafile Android client 2.3.0 is ready for testing. Adding support for backup any folder in the device

This version add the support for backup any folder in the device.

You can download it here: Releases · haiwen/seadroid · GitHub


That’s a great feature, thanks!

I have installed the update and I have a question: how does the syncing work? That is, every time the content of a folder on my phone changes, is it automatically synced? Or does the syncing happen at regular intervals? Or is it only manual? These details are is not clear in the Settings. Thank you in advance.

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Every time the content of a folder on your phone changes, it is automatically synced

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If I manually move file X into the backup folder from another computer (ex. desktop), and then I select Download in the mobile app for file X, it says the file X is downloaded (orange check mark), but the file isn’t downloaded into the backup folder on my phone. Where is that file X stored?

Feature request; when I delete a file from the mobile app, the file in the backup folder is deleted (if permission is available).

Downloaded files are in /Android/Media/com.seafile.seadroid2/Seafile/

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Automatic syncing doesn’t work for me. After the initial successful syncing of a folder that I selected to be backed up, if I add a file to it, it is not synced. The same problem applies to the “Camera Photo Upload” functionality.

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A quick update about this problem. When I first tested out the syncing feature, the test file was synced about 24 h after being created on my phone, which is why i thought things didn’t work. Since then, new files are synced within a reasonable time window, sometime almost immediately. I have not changed anything, intentionally, so I don’t know exactly what’s happening, but I’m happy to see that things do indeed work.

Are previously backuped files deleted on server when they are removed from phone’s directory?