Seafile App on Android forgets library passwords

I am currently setting up my new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Like my previous device, the Samsung Galaxy A72, it is operated with Android 13.
But the Seafile app with version 2.3.4 forgets the library passwords on the S23 as soon as the app is closed. The passwords remain stored on the A72.
I use a lot of libraries. Opening it once and looking up the password is fine, but having to look up the password every time you use it is not.
Earlier there was an option in the app to set whether or not to save the passwords. However, this setting is no longer available in version 2.3.4.
What do I do now? I still have version 9 installed on the server, but could that be the reason? In addition to the A72, I also installed the Seafile app on a Tab S3 and it doesn’t forget the library passwords either.

On 2.3.2, I also had to re-enter the passwords until I activated client-side decryption (which would be more secure anyways).

I don’t see an option to enable client side encryption in the app. I know there was one earlier, but now I am missing it.

How should I work with this problem? I can’t keep typing the password, so I’m considering stopping encrypting the libraries.

There is also the option of changing the entire software. Synology offers something very similar with Drive.