Seafile App says Documents folder is sync'ed but I can see that it isn't

I sync my whole Documents folder from my Linux desktop (Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome) to my seafile server (Ubuntu server 18.04). Both are fully updated as of 20191115.

The Seafile App on my desktop says that Documents is synchronized but when I compare certain folders in my Desktop Documents folder against what I can see via the Web browser access to the Seafile server I can find folders not in sync. (Namely my SecureCRT logs folder.)

Frankly, I haven’t a clue how to troubleshoot this. Anyone have a way?

I’ve ran and My client app still says all is synced but there are 100s of log files that aren’t being synced.

OMG. I think I might have found my issue. I think the issue is that I added *.log to my seafile-ignore.txt file. Doh!

BTW, as an aside, it would be nice if that was a hidden file (like .seafile-ignore) instead.