Seafile backend on SMB Server?

hey, i Set up succsefull my Seafile server and i am pretty Happy with it…
I also thinking about to put all my media files like movies music and pictures into it.
i got several services that are using these folders as there library foundation…
right now i share them via samba. would it be possible (and a good solution)
to mount the seafile folders via fuse and share them with samba?

From what I understand the FUSE mount is read only.

This may work if that works for you, but if you need write access you may find the solution is to have any libraries you want via SMB to be synched via the CLI agent to a different folder and then share out the folder.

Unfortunately this would mean a duplication of your data, but I don’t’ know any other way to accomplish what you’re after.

I accomplished something similar by moving the files from the media server to the seafile server and then mounting that folder on the media server to the media library using seadrive. It works fine but I recommend you dedicate a larger pool to the seadrive cache.