Seafile backend user data storage

I am currently managing seafile server version 6.3.4 where my user data size is 1.9TB/2TB. I would like to justify high storage usages user to identify them but can’t get it now. I have visited the user data location and file there are files whose names are not identical to the user id or mail address.

From this location, I am getting large files consuming a big size of storage but can’t relate this file to the user and it is unknown.

Does anyone have an idea to find it out? The output of the user data location is as follows

[root@clouddrive]# du -hsx * | sort -rh
154G 0a6ecb0d-4168-4067-b14d-9c26d00e64b9
113G 43b47439-0466-4496-b0d1-f222eded82bb
99G b8316f1f-8b8b-4305-89fa-5d406d7ea7bf


have you tried this?

Do you have access to the administrator user of seafile?
If so, you can find out what you’re looking for in the web interface, where you can list all users and see their used storage or even list all libraries and sort them by space used.
(If you’re logged into the admin, click on the avatar on the top right and go to system administration. There you get all the information.)

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