Seafile behind a dedicated NGINX proxy

Hi All,

Im trying to split the proxy from seafile.
I have a nginx container and a seafile container, both with different internal ip addresses.

How can I redirect the media from a standalone nginx proxy server?

location /media {
    root /home/seafile/seafile-server-latest/seahub;

and same for seafhttp:

location /seafhttp {
rewrite ^/seafhttp(.*)$ $1 break;

Seafhttp is only changing

Thanks :slight_smile:

At this point this is standard nginx configuration and not really seafile related. Any how-to guide for setting up a reverse nginx proxy can help you. Seafile being the destination that nginx is passing to is irrelevant.

Ok, I found a topic with interesting things about the config:

2 Domains to get it working.

I will try this out soon… Not really a nice solution in combination with seafile, but worth trying.
Thanks anyway…

Any chance to post the file again? The Link is not working anymore :frowning: