Seafile behind a sophos utm reverse proxy

Hello, everyone,
does someone run their seafile server behind a sophos utm reverse proxy?
I have noticed that my seafile client is causing problems. The normal WebGui works fine.
I selected the advanced profile of the firewall and something is triggered. I tried to exclude the affected rules from the log, unfortunately without success.
I hope that someone here has the same constellation and can help me.
thanks in advance
greeting eddie

Hey Eddie,

how did you configure your utm. I have several problem with accessing the seafile from external adresses.
I´m getting the log in page, and after entering the credentials i get an CSRF error.

I dont have any idea.

Regards, Alex

Nginx/Apache Config. Read how it works and how security is implemented and you’ll understand how to configure it. If we just tell you what to fix you’ll run into a similiar problem again, for sure.

In another thread, he mentioned the error he was getting was the CSRF verification error, which is nearly always browser related. I detailed some things for him to look at in his browser. He went back and checked, and found that one of his configuration settings prevent cookies access, which prevented the CSRF from being returned by the browser. He is good to go now.

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The Problem was a missconfiguration within the UTM9.
The probelm is solved,



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Can you tell how you solved the problem, please? Maybe I have the same misconfiguration.

Regards, Ralph

It could also be due to a browser that’s been locked down or a software firewall on the PC having the problem. If you have UTM, then yours may be the same as his.


my problem with utm ist still existing. I dint yet find out how to configure the utm to solve the problem i described at the beginning.
But i dont get an csrf error i can login, in seafile its only the client that dont work.

greets eddie

Hey, @Eduard_Markus. Yeah, another user had made a comment after yours with a CSRF problem that he narrowed down to his configuration. However, I don’t think we ever worked on your problem.

What symptoms do you have? Are you getting errors? What do client and server logs report?