Seafile CE 11.0.3. Issues with Azure AD ID Mapping and Avatars


i am trying to upgrade from CE 10.0.1 to CE 11.0.3. I found two issues to get stuff running.

I use Azure AD OpenID for authentication and due to the new required uid mapping i have issues finding the right attribute. Azure AD has no unique attribute for the uid field, i try to use email or upn for this purpose, but it does not work. SeaHub shows attribute not found or give no error at all except that the webpage tells me “something went wrong, ask your administrator” on login. Anyone know the right attribute for the new uid mapping?

Seahub has issues finding old avatars, it looks in “/opt/seafile/seafile-server-11.0.3/seahub/media/avatars/”, that cant be right because this directory changes on every update. If i upload a new avatar picture, the picture is places in this directory. In CE 10.0.1, avatars are saved in seahub-data/avatars.

I solved the first issue by ignoring the changes from Upgrade notes for 11.0.x - Seafile Admin Manual about oauth.

i stay with this old version from 10.x in

“email”: (True, “email”),
“id”: (False, “not used”),
“name”: (False, “name”)

but i dont know what happens if a new oauth user logs in that never used my Seafile server.