Seafile-CLI: Waiting for confirmation to delete files


I am using seafile-cli on Debian 11 to synchronize a folder from the Debian Server to Seafile.

Currently, the synchronization process is stuck with an error: Waiting for confirmation to delete files.
Is there a way to confirm the deletion? Or can seafile-cli client be configured in a way that no manual interaction is required?


Any information on this?

In the log file, I found:
sync-mgr.c(1035): Delete more than 500 files, add delete confirmation.

To overcome the problem:
seaf-cli config -k delete_confirm_threshold
ā†’ no value specified (500 by default)

Set it to a larger number:
seaf-cli config -k delete_confirm_threshold -v 10000

seaf-cli stop
seaf-cli start

and after some seconds
seaf-cli status
it says "synchronized " !


Thanks for this solution! Do you know how I can make this change permanent?