Seafile Client 7.0.3 message "have some sync error"

7.0.4 didn’t solve the issue for me. :frowning:
Same error mrssage “have some sync error”

Yes, but it should only appear once more:

  1. Let’s see the errors (right-click “Show Sync Error”)
  2. Restart the Seafile client
  3. The message (the exclamation point) has disappeared

The error message (exclamation point) should now only appear when a new error occurs (or an existing problem with a file has not been resolved, such as special characters in the name, etc …).

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I have installed Seafile Client for Windows 7.0.4 on Windows 10, but the sync errors don’t disappear. The sync errors go back 9 days, but even after restarting my PC, they always appear in the client.

The Upgrade mechnism of the client seems realy agile now, thats good !

According to this issue I also updated to 7.0.4 and the exclamation-marks goes away once I review the sync issues.

so I think its okay. you get notified about sync issues. once you review them the notification goes away.

Okay for me !

I havent restarted yet but i restarted the seafile client. and the notification doesn’t reappear from that

There should be a way to clear all entries at once. I have still entries from 2018.

After Reboot notification is still gone.

Actually I find it okay that the sync issues view shows the history and that it doesn’t purge.
therefor you are able to see historically what had problems. especially when you support users and only have a look at their machine once in a while.

history is good.
notification is displayed when something new appears.

i’m really happy with this behavior.

Update to version 7.0.4 solved the issue.

I like the new behaviour as well and I also like that the update notification worked

A agree, a history is good. But there should be always a way to delete logs on demand, at least if not an administrator turned this kind of feature off on purpose.

ATM I can’t even find the place where these entries are stored on disk. I did a grep on my profile for different strings, but didn’t find anything. Anyone got an idea where to search for?

We’ll add the ability to remove selected error from the history in the next version.


Oh, thanks for the hint!