Seafile-client 8.0.1 crashes the desktop (archlinux/gnome/; works fine in wayland)


After upgrading my archlinux system this weekend to gnome 40 and seafile-client 8.0.1 (along with all its dependencies from AUR), I noticed whenever seafile client starts, the desktop seems to crash and restart (can’t actually tell if it’s just gnome shell, the whole DE, the X server or something else). After that, both the client and the applet run normally. Then, if I kill or quit seafile client, the desktop crashes and restarts again.

I then ran the same gnome desktop in a wayland session, and didn’t notice any hiccups; seafile client starts and quits normally.

Please help.


It was an issue related to the AppIndicator Extension (, and it also affected other applications.

After updating to the latest version, the issue disappeared.

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