Seafile client 8.0.2 and SeaDrive 2.0.14 are released!

Change logs can be found on:

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Thank you for a very good update.

I can see you didn’t build the Client (not drive client) for Apple Silicon M1 Mac (ARM) yet. Will you consider updating it, especially now when Rosetta2 Intel virtualisation is being removed from several regions?

As mentioned here: Native Support for Apple Silicon - #8 by tkreind all dependecies are now M1-ready.

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Why are Mac and Linux users notified that Windows fucked up file names? Please make this optional and disabled by default. If necessary a new server capability instructing the client to enable this when the administrator wants so would be suitable. Even then it would probably create more issues than it solves.


Will there be a ARM64 build for Windows in the future of the Seafile client 8?

Currently you cannot run the Client 8.X at all on ARM devices with Windows.

Does anyone have a copy of 8.0.1 for macOS? I upgraded to 8.0.2 and the Windows file name notifications are driving me insane. I don’t care less about Windows file name incompatibility and I am constantly being notified about it. I wish to downgrade back to 8.0.1 but can’t find the file at all.

Will show you all the available downloads in xml form. Doesn’t seem to be a 8.0.1 for mac and last one available is 8.0.0

Thanks. I found 8.0.0 and re-installed that. All is good and right with the world for now.

It has provoked some thought and I am getting concerned regarding Seafile. There seems to be very little engagement from the devs regarding Seafile, I don’t like the fact they don’t encrypt filenames or directory names, very little activity on reddit regarding Seafile which suggests its not widely adopted, and with one change, the devs can screw up my entire implementation of Seafile. Will start to ponder what to do…

That is true and most people on reddit etc will probably use nextcloud. I run both. You can’t beat seafile for syncing a large number of small files. So I use seafile for syncing most of my laptops data (400gb or so). Nextcloud just falls over but it has very good mobile apps and other extensions in the Web interface,I can also mount external shares within it. So I use it for access more than sync.
An example test I did recently. Something like 4000 small files (source code) took seafile 10 seconds, I gave up waiting for nextcloud after 20 mins (estimated 20 hours left).

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The synchronization of “always keep on this device”-ed libraries does not seem to work correctly:

  • New files created in Seahub show up in SeaDrive, but the download is not logged in the transfer progress dialog
  • New files created locally are uploaded, but the upload is not logged in the transfer progress dialog
  • Files edited in Seahub are not available locally and there is no download logged in the transfer progress dialog
  • Files edited locally are uploaded and logged in the transfer progress window, but no conflict files are created

I documented my tests in this video?

I tested with Seafile PE 8.0.4 and SeaDrive 2.0.14 on Windows 10. But I could reproduce the problem with Seafile Server PE 7.1.10 and SeaDrive 2.0.14. So it seems to be a general problem.

==3 hours later==

As I continued my tests, I found another issue with pinned elements, this time single files, not folders: I have pinned (aka “always keep on this device-ed”) a single txt file. Then I edit the file in Seahub’s text editor. A few moments after saving the file in the online editor, the file’s status icon in SeaDrive switches from full-green bubble (=pinned full file) to white bubble with green border (=full file).

Needless to say: The track progress dialog does not show any activity all the while.

No there is no such plan yet.

I tested the cache auto-cleaning.

Works great! Within minutes, SeaDrive reduced the folder size of seadrive_root to some 800MB.

But this begs one question: Which files get removed from the cache folder and which criterion is used?

  • Is it first in, first out (FIFO) using the files creation date?
  • Or does the client use the last modified date or even the last access date?

@Jonathan Any comment on our request to disable the windows file compatibility warning on Seafile Client for MacOs and Linux? It is a major issue for those of us who don’t run windows environments and will definitely have non window filename issues. If you must have the notification, can you make it optional so we can switch it off?

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Jonathan commented here: Client complains about "symbols that are not supported by the Windows system". I don't have Windows. · Issue #2451 · haiwen/seafile · GitHub

A new version will be released this week. It contains such an option.

Thank you - much appreciated.


We cannot reproduce the above issues. Perhaps there were some sync errors in your client. You can check seadrive.log.

This is a bug only happens to a single pinned file. It’ll be fixed in the next version.