Seafile Client 8.0.7. not working on MacOS 12.4. Monterey

Even though the release- and compatibility-table on seatable (link not allowed ;o) says so, after upgrading to MacOS Monterey 12.4. the Seafile Client refuses to start … “Seafile ist unerwartet abgebrochen”.

I won’t be the only Apple-User using actual hard- and software so i’d be happy to get an idea what to do?

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The compatibility list is correct. I have successfully installed Seafile Sync Client 8.0.7 on MacOS 12.4.

If you continue encountering problems, purge the client from your Mac and reinstall the client. This article explains the exercise.

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Hi rdb, it perfectly worked this way! Thx a lot. Maybe there is a way to make this instruction findable for others that encounter similar problems? Well, this thread may already help … what about a FAQ-entry?

Hi Guido, the linked article is a FAQ entry.

I agree that the FAQ is a bit difficult to find.

I see the point, rdb. But i was missing the link that to make it run on my machine i had to completely de- and reinstall. The how-to is there but … ;o)