Seafile Client - Clean File Sync Errors

Hello together,

is there a way to clean the “File Sync Errors” of the desktop client?


Currently no. We’ll add a button in the next minor version.


Hy @Jonathan

do you have any news about a button to clean the file sync errors? As I have seen, v2.1.1 does not contain such a button.


Any news on this topic?

i have errors dating back two years now, unable to remove them because the share doesn’t exist any more. they reappear with every start of the client. that side of the client is pretty bad. also that you have to remove entries one by one and can’t even use the delete key.

so, i could use that button.

You can select multiple items by holding the Shift key.

thanks, that is helpful!

unfortunately, it still doesn’t remove the old errors from the no longer existing library. any idea how they can be deleted?