Seafile client clone sync

hey everyone.

Can you tell me if seafile can synchronize unilaterally, like git clone ?
I place some files on the server, users synchronize them to themselves, make changes to them, etc (mostly writing tags to files).
Then when some updates happen on the server, if the user has a file with the same name the siffile will replace it. If not, it will download a new one.

anyone help me?

I don’t know if I understood your question. If user A and user B are both sharing a library, and user A modifies or creates or deletes a file, that change gets synced to the server. If user B is offline so they didn’t get the new version, and they modify the same file that user A had modified, one version gets renamed to mark it as a conflict. It is then up to the users to resolve the conflict.

If I understood the question then you’re looking for something like git annex. From what I understand seafile only checks out the last commit from the server, the files are reconstructed from the blocks from the server and then the blocks are discarded, so the complete history of the library only stays in the server.