Seafile client doesn't notify users of failed sync or out of storage space

These seem like pretty industry standard notifications, however in my testing it doesn’t seem to notify the user anything has failed, or if they are out of or almost out of storage space. It doesn’t even seem to e-mail these users (at least not tight away) about this either after e-mail has been set up.
I am wondering if I have a setting wrong in either the client or the server?

What kind of sync failure do you refer to? We’ll look into the request that notifying the user running out of storage space.

You don’t think it should notify the user for ANY type of failure? I would think from and end user point of view, if it failed because I am out of space, or it failed because of corrupted data, or misconfigured client, or misconfigured server. If it failed because my internet is down, or even (sarcastic) my house is on fire, I would just want to be notified it failed. So I knew that my files were not being properly backed op/synced. Ideally it should (in my opinion) give a reason, but I would say #1 priority “My backup failed, I need to know that is failed”
Unless I am misunderstanding your question.

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I think you misunderstood. Seafile client notifies for many sync errors. So I ask what kind of failures you found it didn’t notify.

So the only one I have tested is out of space. When you go to the seafile client, it does show in the client that it wasn’t synced, but doesn’t pop up any warning messages that I have been able to get to happen.
Also doesn’t seem to notify of low space either. I have however only tested with small quotas. One I remember testing I set the quota to 6 MB, and managed to get the space used to 5.9 MB and received no warning.

Out of quota belongs to so-called “library-level” errors. Because such errors are retried in the background, we don’t want to pop-up too many such notifications on every retry. However, the icon in the system notification area will be changed on such errors, to a ! icon.

File-level errors will produce pop-up notifications.

We’ll think about pop-up notifications for library-level errors too.

Sounds good. I personally think it would be important. There are some users that may be using the client that don’t have the technical knowledge to even check into that, Perhaps if it would to set a flag so it only notified daily of and out of space condition? Just some suggestions.

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