Seafile Client for macOS says it's update to date, when it's not

Running Seafile Client 6.2.5 on macOS Mojave and when checking for updates, it reports the client is up-to-date. I see Seafile Client 6.2.7 is available from the Downloads page. Does this version not support in place upgrades?


Since version 6.1.8 they stopped this feature because of the new client without ccnet, so 6.1.8 is the official stable version. They forgot this.

Sorry, I don’t follow. Version 6.1.8 Client for Mac is the last stable version but v. 6.2.7 has just been released? Please clarify. -Thanks

When they created client 6.2.0 without ccnet, they don’t marked this as stable caused by the issues they expect (and users really had). So 6.1.8 was still downloadable as stable on their site. Since 6.2.4, 6.2.X is stable and they forgot it to change.