Seafile client has wrong resolution on high resolution displays with windows10

Hello, we are experiencing some issues with the seafile client on windows 10. Some of my users have recently bought new laptops and installed the latest version of the seafile client to continue using their account on the new computer.
All of them are experiencing the same issue: the seafile client window looks like is using a wrong resolution. All the graphic elements are bigger then usual and the window size goes far beyong the display’s one.
A picture is attached here so you can see the issue.
Please note that seafile is the only application presenting this issue in the system and, again, this is happening in all the four computers (same model, same display)
Is there any solution for this? Thank you very much in advance for any reply


What is the resolution of your screen? What client version do you use?

Hello Daniel,
screen resolution is 1920x1080 and the client version is 6.0.1 for windows.
If you need some information about the notebook just let me know (not sure i’m allowed to post brand and models in the forum), in any case it has a dedicated graphic card.
thank you

The brand and model information can also help.

Do you have any environment variable settings in your computer like QT_AUTO_SCALE?

Can you check if there is any message in the log file? Right click on the seafile tray icon -> open logs folder, and check the file “applet.log”.

The model is the following
Asus Zenbook ux310ua-gl100t
thank you Daniel

Hello and thank you for your reply
no QT_AUTO_SCALE variable, should i have it?

In the applet.log file there is also no reference to it. The logs i’ve found are about some network errors, and 99% of the file is this line here

createEngine: CreateFontFromLOGFONT failed ()

thank you

I also see this bug on my Dell XPS 13 with 1920x1080 nativ resolution and default windows 10 scaling (125% if I remember correct).
I also tried to set the QT_AUTO_SCALE variable, but that changed the client in the opposite direction. The Windows was bigger with the variable set. I’m not shure what I tried exactly, it’s been a while. Maybe I can reproduce the error and play with the variable again in the next days. Will report back here when done.

Best regards,

Thank you Andreas.
I’ve managed to mitigate the problem. It turned out that the scaling factor is affecting seafile gui with a greater magnitude compared to the other applications. In my case the scaling factor was 150%. Setting it at 125% makes the other windows slightly smaller but the seafile one sensibly smaller.
For the time being we will use it with this setting but it is a very weird behavior. Is it possible for the seafile team to investigate it better?

I did some tests with latest seafile client 6.0.4 still having the scaling issue!

My Scaling factor in Windows is set to 150% and my client looks like

If I set my scaling factor in Windows to 125% it looks way better

I then tried some QT_SCALE_FACTOR settings and they did have affect:


as you can see, the client gets scaled, but also the context menu of the tray icon is scaled very small! The SCALE_FACTOR is applied to all elements, even in the settings dialog the font near unreadable!


Looks very nice with real good window size and acceptable font sizes

would be nice if the scaling could be fixed inside the application rather then setting some environment variables that affect all QT application on the system. I do not have any other QT application that I’m aware of right now to test if this setting will cause some wired side effect!

@andi-blafasl @gluseppe Thanks for your detailed reporting!

After some debugging, we found that the incorrect scaling is due to the fact the QT doesn’t support non-integer scale factors. To be specific, QT would round the scaling factor to the closest integer, e.g.

  • if your win10 has a 150% scaling, seafile window would be scaled 200%, because 1.5 is rounded into 2.0
  • if you have 125% scaling, seafile window would be scaled 100% (not scaled at all).

We’re working on this and would release a new version once we get it fixed.


Are there any solution to this issue ? When I start Seafile the client defaults to my laptop monitor screen, which is 16", 3860x2400 pixels and text scaling of 250%. Here I can read everything fine. My 2nd windows10 monitor is 27", 2560x1440 pixels and text scaling of 125%. This works fine with all my applications, -except Seafile. All applications - except Seafile - scales automatically when dragged from one monitor to the other, so that I can read the text in them. When I drag the Seafile client from my laptop monitor to my 2nd monitor, text get extremely small (un-readable). I tried to increase text scaling factor to 250% also on my 2nd monitor, and then text was readable, but for all the other apps, text is then far too big.

Please do not reopen a thread from 2017!!

Of course, the problem from back then was solved as Lins form Seafile Ltd. commented:

If you encounter scaling problems now, 5 years later, and probably with Windows 11, then open a new thread.