Seafile Client Issue

Hi, this is my first post. I deploy a seafile server using CentOS 7 at ports 8000 and 8082. I port forward the previous port on my router at WAN 13000 - LAN 8000 and WAN 13082 - LAN 8082. From a public PC that use internet I successfully connected to http://publicip:13000 but when I use a client (Seafile Client) I can connect to the server by when I’m trying to sync a library locally, library not sync… It’s seems (according the logs) that the client trying to connect a 8082 port and not to 13082… Can you help me?

I have run into this issue in the past, which is why I installed it behind NGinx. While you can port forward the primary port, 8082 is hard coded into the app. You’ll have to use 8082 for that port in order to successfully sync. Unless the programmers have changed this, I know of no other way around it excepting installing apache or NGinx.