Seafile client log reports "Failed to find root dir ... in repo ..."


because of sync problems with some libraries I noticed

[06/28/21 13:14:35] ../common/fs-mgr.c(1695): [fs mgr] Failed to read dir 4ea8f5b1b19e5398d20170a3b6f48a17f697122e.
[06/28/21 13:14:35] change-set.c(234): Failed to find root dir 4ea8f5b1b19e5398d20170a3b6f48a17f697122e in repo 394fe1f3-e8ee-468b-891d-3c4bc61ecae5
[06/28/21 13:14:35] sync-mgr.c(961): [Sync mgr] Failed to commit to repo Music(394fe1f3).

in Seafile client log. Any idea what this error is about?

Did you run fsck for repo 394fe1f3?

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