Seafile Client - only sync if you use it?


I am using MacOS, sadly or of course, most of the People have limited Storage Space. :wink:
My Library is around 700GB an I can not sync all the Items to my Macbook.

Is there an Option like in Microsoft OneDrive that you only Download the Files when you use it ?
Or only Sync certain Directory’s ? (So that I can select, no to Sync the Photos Folder of the last 10 years)


Best Regards

To me this sounds like you would be interested in the “Drive Client”, not “Seafile Client”, which should only download the files you’re working on.

Otherwise, I can selectively sync subfolders of libraries using the client (I don’t use Mac, so I cannot tell you how that works on your machine) by opening the “cloud file browser” and then selecting whichever folder I want to sync and right-clicking → Sync this folder.