Seafile Client Stopped Working on Android 8.0


The Seafile client was working just fine when my phone, Note 8, was running android 7.0. As of today as I updated to android 8.0 whenever I open the app it only loads a blank screen on the start up and simply crashes after a while. How do I fix it??

Update: The app is now functioning normal after I have uninstalled and reinstalled it.

Garry Joshi


Did you try resetting the cache of the app via application management?


In the future, clearing the cache from the application manager may solve the problem. If not, clearing the data from the same place. Keep in mind that clearing data wipes out all the settings, so you’ll have to put in all your credentials and server info again.


The Seafile client was working just fine when my phone, Note 8, was running Android 7.0.I updated to Android 8.0, not some app crashes so need to how do fix it this.
Hp Bhai


As of version 8.0 of Android, contacts backup doesn’t work. I have not yet tried photos backup. However, uploads are working fine. i’m running Galaxy S8+ with 8.0.0 of Android.


I just tried Photos Backup with Android 8.0 and version 2.2.1 of the app. It works perfectly for me.


This is one of the most common problem user faces. I was having the same issue, so in order to resolve it, just follow the mentioned steps (it worked for me)

  1. Un-install the app
  2. Delete the cache and other files of the apps (do it via file manager)
  3. Restart your phone
  4. Re install the app

and the issue will be fixed. Do let me know if you are having problem performing the steps which I have mentioned above or if the problem is still there. Would love to help! :slight_smile: