Seafile Client stuck at 0 kB/s download when waking from sleep + Download starts at 0% after Client restart


  • Seafile : installed on Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS via Docker (docker-compose)
  • Client: macOS version, 9.0.4
  • OS: macOS Monterey, 12.7.1

Issue Background:
I’m syncing a library by “syncing to an existing library” from the cloud to the mac, therefore downloading 58GB worth of data

Issue 1:

  • Normal download, normal speeds
  • Let mac go to sleep
  • Wakes up, stuck at the same % of “Downloading Files…7%”
  • Even after 3 minutes, the download fails to resume.
  • Some files are downloaded (7% worth)

EDIT: I left if for 5 minutes after waking from sleep, and it began downlading again, but showing me “Downloading Files…0%” and didn’t resume from the previous %

Issue 2:

  • To solve issue mentioned above, quit and restarted Client
  • Client immediately starts to sync, but starts from 0% rather than resuming download

Question for 1:

  • Am I not supposed to have my mac go to sleep?
  • Is there a way within Seafile to keep it awake until the sync(download) is complete?
  • Does setting WOL solve the issue?

Question for 2:

  • Is it safe to assume the 0% as the leftover files that have been yet to be downloaded?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @sngwyoo99, after I did a lot of testing, I didn’t find any problems with the progress resetting. So I think you may be experiencing some other synchronisation issue. Can you send us the client’s logs to check this issue? You can send the logs to