Seafile Client v6.1.o crashes on Server 2003


I have an old Windows server 2003 machine still running due to some software license issues. Up to Seafile client 6.0.7 I had no problems after adjusting the port issue for terminal servers but now I’ve installed the most recent version Seafile client 6.1.0. Not a good idea because this client now crashes with the error message:

“The procedure entry point CancelIoEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.”

I.) To me that somehow sounds like Seafile client 6.1.0 is not compatible to Windows XP and/or Server 2003 anymore? Can this be confirmed here?

II.) And: what can I do to downgrade to Seafile client 6.0.7? When I start the setup it stops with the message “A more up-to-date version of Seafile is detected on your machine. The installer will now quit”. What options to I have for downgrading in case I do not want all my users to get completely newly connected to the Seafile server?

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You should change server 2003 anyways. Years passed already since it should have been replaced. Switch to Linux if you can. :wink:

XP and 2003 is not tested anymore because it’s totally outdated.

If you really want to run this old system I’d suggest that you just uninstall the client and clean out the hidden folders from the Seafile client in folders (%userprofile%/ccnet --> as far as I remember) of ALL users that run the client once it was installed. --> Have fun doing that. :stuck_out_tongue:
Then reinstall older version and resync.


thank you very much for your quick answer. I know that Server 2003 is not supported by MS anymore but I simply cannot afford new update licences for the software we run on this machine that is not compatible for more recent versions of MS server… But maybe next time the Seafile team might make it a little bit clearer that they have stopped their - for example - WinXP/2003 support so users have a chance to decide if they really want to upgrade to a dysfuctinal new version? :slight_smile:

Removing Seafile client 6.1.0 and all hidden folders from the Seafile client is an ugly job. I guess I just remove the client and tell the users to connect to Seafile server only via network share to a different VM with a more recent MS server version.



Go for Univention if you have no budget to buy LDAP - it’s free (without Support, but 2003 doesn’t have it either anymore).
For Windows application you can simply run a client machine and then have the software run on it.

Never ever use outdated systems. You are just making the hole on your road bigger than it already is.


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