Seafile client windows 10 (1909) lock-unlock file

i have windows 10 seadrive windows version 1909 .
i have installed last stable 1.0.11 client but in the explorer not show icon…
for my specific use is necessary see the icon when i “lock this file” and when “unlock this file”.
(i have pro licences for 30 users)

i try to install 2.0.4 client version but in many case is unstable…and not see the option “lock this file” and “unlock this file” with right click

How to resolve?
Thank you for help

Welcome to Seafile’s Community Forum!

Automatic file locking in SeaDrive 2 is much better than in SeaDrive 1, but there is no manual file locking in SeaDrive 2. SeaDrive 2.0 does not come with a right-click context menu and this is where you find the lock command under SeaDrive 1.

SeaDrive 1 and SeaDrive 2 work differently:

  • SeaDrive 1 mounts Seafile as virtual drive outside of the user folder. The default drive letter is S:\
  • SeaDrive 2 caches downloaded files in the seadrive_root folder in %userprofile%. SeaDrive 2 therefore has not drive letter, must a node in Windows Explorer’s nav bar (similar to OneDrive)

After all, I think SeaDrive 1 is the right version for you.

Automatic file locking in SeaDrive 2 not work for me…
I have try to open .txt and .xlsx file whit 2 pc

About two weeks ago, I ran an extensive evaluation of SeaDrive 2.0.3’s file locking capabilities. The result: Impeccable!

If it does not work for you, the problem is either your machine/installation or you misunderstood how file locking words.

Part could be that you expect file locking for TXT files. This won’t work! File locking works for MS Office files (i.e., DOCX, XLSX, PPTX)