- Piwik instead of Google Analytics

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I want to suggest to use Piwik instead of Google Analytics on
Piwik is FOSS and does not track nor spy people. I think many people use seafile because of its privacy and security. Using Piwik maybe helps supporting this view on seafile.

As this quote affects the manual page, I assume is self hosted.

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Piwik instead of Google Analytics for :wink:

I think that they do not really care much about this fact. People suggest quiet a while to put the manual to a decend documenation but this is more or less ignored and no reply at all regarding this. It’s just frustrating that they don’t even reply on such requests. They don’t seem to want to host by themself, which doesn’t really make any sense, since hosting a simple stupid and easy documentation page is nearby zero work.

You only wanted piwik for “ So i decided to open a new thread for root “

@Devs: Don’t let us down here…

We have already maintained a dozen self-hosted services. We really don’t want to add another one. Gitbook works well in our mind.

If seafile wasn’t that stable, I would prefer a different solution with a different view on privacy…
Google Analytics on an open source cloud platform webpage is odd… For me, it doesn’t really look like privacy of its users being important to the developers.


I don’t understand what the problem is. Hosting a simple tiny webserver for the purpose to host the core documenation for Seafile should have priority. If you want more users and a larger userbase the documention needs to be way simpler and needs to guide the user to understand how Seafile works. Users try Seafile, fail, become frustrated and switch to Nextcloud/Owncloud/Pydio/ etc. because Seafile seems not to work, beeing actually just configuration errors, what they don’t know. To them Seafile is unstable and problematic software.
Gitbook itself is to simple and does not allow to use colors, boxes, frames etc… It might work well in your mind, but not in many other minds. :wink:

If you really don’t want to host this I might consider hosting it myself and then posting the link(Putting advertisment on the page to fund it, which would not be nice at all). This would be a pitty so I ask again to really think about this before you guys decide what you want. Giving customers eyecandy and an easy and clean way to get things working is one of the core things that have to be done right.

Hosting a simple small quality SSD webserver costs less than 60$/year and does not even require a DB in case of So explain us again how this is too much to do? Linux can maintain itself regarding updates and the content can be pushed/pulled via git. Getgrav can also update itself or it can be done via cron.

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Ah, maybe that time I opened the topic there was no Google Analytics on Anyway: the more piwik threads the better. :slight_smile:

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I really like Seafile because it’s rock-solid and it is very easy to get in touch with the developers. But to my mind privacy and openness are core requirements for using software and supporting the community. I have the feeling that the developers have other priorities - which I can partially understand (manpower, …). But I think these closed components like Google analytics should not have a place here. The view of the developers make me a bit sad.