Seafile community edition 10.0 is ready for testing

We are glad to announce that Seafile community edition 10.0 is ready for test!

Here are major changes in version 10.0:

  • Update Python dependencies and support Ubuntu 22.04 and Debian 11
  • Add a new notification server (document will be provided later)
  • Remove SQL sub queries to improve SQL query speed in seaf-server

The notification server enables desktop syncing and drive clients to get notification of library changes immediately using websocket. There are two benefits:

  1. Reduce the time for syncing new changes to local
  2. Reduce the load of the server as periodically pulling is removed. There are significant reduction of load when you have 1000+ clients.

We will release syncing client 9.0 and drive client 3.0 soon to use the new notification feature.


On Ubuntu 22.04 calling the web interface (with nginx as reverse proxy) leads to an ‘Internal Server Error’. This is what seahub.error.log says:
2023/02/23 14:35:19 [error] 1983#1983: *17 connect() failed (111: Unknown error) while connecting to upstream, client: 194.XX.XXX.XX, server:, request: "GET />

What to do?

Please check whether the seahub process is running in your server. If it is running, there should be an error log in seahub.log for internal server error.

If seahub process is not running, you can modify conf/gunicorn.conf, change daemon = True to daemon = False , then run ./ again. If there are missing Python dependencies, the error will be reported in the terminal.

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@daniel.pan Thank you very much for your help. There was an old version of django-simple-captcha installed. After upgrading to the latest version seahub is running fine again.

When are we going to get thumbnails for cloud-only files on the drive client? Seafile is much faster, but unusable without the thumbnails, so I’m stuck with nextcloud, which has that feature.

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I get the following error message using the upgrade script 9 to 10:

cp: cannot stat ‘/shared/nginx/conf/seafile.nginx.conf’: No such file or directory
sed: can’t read /shared/nginx/conf/seafile.nginx.conf: No such file or directory
upgrade/ line 213: nginx: command not found

explainable, as nginx is not used/installed, but why is the script assuming the installation does?

Thanks for your feedback. We will fix this problem as soon as possible.

If you have not installed nginx and have run you can manually modify the script to temporarily solve this problem.


(#224) update_database; → # update_database;
(#227) add_notification_conf → # add_notification_conf;
(#229) update_nginx_conf → # update_nginx_conf;


cannot try this version, unfortunately

To be honest I don’t like the fact, that you release a testing version within the production versioning. Even the compose file you share says latest. Could you maybe add something like -beta to the tag and release v10 when you consider it stable?
Or maybe this is stable and it wasn’t announced accordingly.

Just my two cents.


the feature I am mainly interested in, notification instead of polling.
any ETA for the announced new clients?

edit: and will it be possible to install parallel to the current stable syncing client?

The reason why SeaHub failed to start in Ubuntu 22.04 is the mismatch of cffi versions.
The cffi version of Ubuntu 22.04 is 1.15.0.
The cffi version of Debian 12 Bullseye is 1.15.1.
The cffi version requested by default in SeaFile Server 10.0 Beta is 1.15.1. Therefore, if you start SeaHub in Ubuntu 22.04, there will be a version mismatch and the startup will fail.
Refer to the solutions of SeaFile Server 9.0:
> sudo nano /opt/seafile/seafile-server-latest/seahub/thirdpart/cffi/

edit line 8 and 9。

> __version__ = "1.15.0"
> __version_info__ = (1, 15, 0)

Thanks for your feedback. We will fix this as soon as possible