Seafile community edition 11.0.2 and SeaDoc 0.3 is ready for testing!

This release is a new beta version for Seafile 11. (The next release will be a stable version)

We continue to work on UI improvements for Seafile. Here are some changes in UI

  • The folder icon is updated
  • The activities page support filter records based on modifiers
  • Add indicator for folders that has been shared out
  • Some small UI fixes

Here are other changes and improvements:

  • [fix] Fix some small bugs in golang file server
  • [fix] Fix LDAP users cannot login via desktop client
  • Add login ID field when exporting users in admin panel


SeaDoc v0.3 is now beta ready.

Note, if you upgrade from Seafile 11.0.1, you need to execute the following SQL statement manually in seahub_db to make file comment work:

CREATE TABLE `sdoc_notification` (
  `doc_uuid` varchar(36) NOT NULL,
  `username` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  `msg_type` varchar(36) NOT NULL,
  `created_at` datetime NOT NULL,
  `detail` longtext NOT NULL,
  `seen` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
  KEY `sdoc_notification_doc_uuid_username` (`doc_uuid`, `username`),
  KEY `sdoc_notification_created_at` (`created_at`)

SeaDoc is an extension to Seafile that provides online collaborative documentation and knowledge management. Key features include:

  • Feature-rich collaborative document editor
  • Document process management , you can use document locking , revision review and other functions to manage the document workflow
  • Document labeling capabilities, you can use the label to manage the status of the document

Key enhancements in SeaDoc version 0.3 include:

  • Revision and review function improvement
  • Document comment function improvement
  • Document tagging feature is added

The following is a detailed introduction:

Revision and review function improvement

The entire process of creating, editing, and publishing revisions is now optimized.

Creating a revision opens in a new window. A special logo has been added to the header of the revision editing page, so that it can be better distinguished from ordinary document pages.


After a revision has been published, the revision page can continue to be accessed for easy subsequent checking of the revision.

Unwanted revisions can now also be quickly deleted from the original document page.


Document comments improvement

In the new version, we have also made several improvements to the commenting feature.

When we comment on an image, a blue border is displayed around the image that has comments.

The blue border highlights images with and without comments.


In the new version, the ability to comment on an entire document has been added.

Comments on the entire document are displayed in all comment boxes.



When commenting, we can β€œ@” a user in a comment and that user will be added to the list of collaborators.


When a collaborator makes a comment, the other collaborators are notified of the message on the page.

Adding document tagging feature

We can add and remove tags to documents directly on the document page, such as β€œTag 1” shown in the figure below.


The current tab is displayed as a bulleted tab on the top left side of the document page.


Other changes

In addition to the improvements mentioned above, this update also improves several details:

  • You can directly get the link of a certain section, so that other people will jump to the corresponding section directly after opening the link
  • Improved the UI of the scrollbar in the outline section
  • Fixed some minor problems with code element editing
  • Fixed the inability to copy tables from Markdown files
  • Fixed some minor issues with table element editing
  • Captions can be set for image elements
  • Support converting Markdown file to sdoc file and vice verse
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In which database is this table created

I am trying to test seadoc in a new small local docker environment with http, no https. I am following docker setup instructions and have docker compose setup and seafile ce 11.0.2 and seadoc 0.3 containers successfully up and running.

However, when I click New SeaDoc File (beta) and then try to open the new seadoc file a new website opens with a white page and small red text
Load doc content error

I do not see anything in logs for sdoc-server and seafile.
How can I troubleshoot the seadoc error message I see?

In the seadoc docker-compose file there is a new field

What should I configure the SEAHUB_SERVICE_URL to be if I am accessing seafile using ipv4 address for testing?

Thank you