Seafile community edition 11.0.3 and SeaDoc 0.4 are now ready!

Yes. It will be released. We have almost finished a new version for community edition 11.0. The pro edition will be released after that.

has this really been updated? it looks like you have simply added a link to the build script and the note “old version is below”. i wouldn’t consider a build script documentation, and it calls another python script for the actual build (why not do it all in one readable bash script?).

could you please update the actual documentation?

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You can check the file in the same folder for detailed instructions. I have updated the page in the manual accordingly.

i am not looking for instructions how to run the script. the script tries to do everything in one go, beginning with installation of debian packages and python libraries, fetching multiple sources from git and building each component. i don’t like this approach, i want more control, like the ability to only repeat a particular step if it has failed before, and not start it all over. therefore, i am looking for documentation on what the script actually does, and then be able to replicate all of it myself.

to be more specific, i’d like to re-implement the build script in an ansible role. but i find the python script hard to read.

I’m afraid writing the building steps in pure bash is difficulty for our team. Python is much easier to write complex logic.

there already is a pure bash build script, it just doesn’t include the fix mentioned above needed for seafile 11.x. in my opinion that would be a better foundation for an official build tool, especially since it already implements the stepwise approach i am looking for.

but what i am asking for is not for you to rewrite your scripts or replace it, but only to document the steps taken by your script to get to a proper build. in other words: could you please keep the section that begins with “Old version is below:” up-to-date? there should be human-readable documentation on how to properly build the server that goes beyond “run this script”.

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