Seafile community edition 11.0.7 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with the following fixes and improvements:


  • Support log rotate for golang file server and notification server
  • Update UI for upload link
  • Support OnlyOffice version feature
  • Show files’ original path in the trash

SDoc editor 0.7

  • Improve file comment feature
  • Improve file diff showing
  • Support print a document
  • Improve table editing

Some screenshots

The upload link now have a bar at the top, showing the total progress of uploading:

The diff view of SDoc document:

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Looks nice! Any news on when 11-Pro will be released?
Should have been 2 weeks ago according to the Seafile Release Table .

We will release a new version of pro edition in this week. But it will still be a beta version as there are some corner cases for different single sign-on methods.

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