Seafile community edition 11.0.9 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with following improvements and fixes:


  • Improve accessibility
  • Support open ODG files with LibreOffice (Collabora Online)
  • Support showing last modified time for folders in WebDAV
  • [fix] Fix “remember me” in 2FA

SDoc editor 0.8

  • Support automatically adjusting table width to fit page width
  • Improve comments feature
  • Improve documents shown on mobile
  • More UI fixes and improvements

This will be the last release with sdoc updates for version 11.

In version 12.0, we will have a stable SDoc editor 1.0 and a new modern Wiki module! (The original half-done wiki module will be replaced by a new one.)


Exciting news !

I’m very impressed by the evolution of the SDoc, congratulation for that ! I’ll test quickly !
A new wiki module is quite a good thing, I imagine that it was design with SDoc in mind, so hope for the best.

The new Wiki will be based on the same SDoc editor. It should be quite easy to use :slight_smile: .

I spend a little time to test SDoc, here are few things I’d like to see improved :

  • When selecting a callout part, if an icon has been set, you can not unset it, you can only select another one.
  • On the comment area, It could be nice to have a way to sort comments by date, user or position in the document.
  • When someone consult an sdoc via download link, he did not get a real time view, he had to refresh the page to view updates. It would be super nice to have a real time view without editing capability.
  • When exporting to markdown, callout parts are missing in the export.
  • when exporting to docx :
    • callout parts should have a specific style
    • polices are not preserves

Except that, I find this SDoc editor, really, really nice. I love it ! Thank you for this.

Hi, what does this paragraph specifically refer to?