Seafile community edition 7.1.5 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with following fixes and improvements:

  • [fix] Fix a bug in returned group library permission for SeaDrive client
  • [fix] Fix files preview using OnlyOffice in public shared links
  • Support pagination when listing libraries in a group
  • Update wsgidav used in WebDAV
  • [fix] Fix WebDAV failed login via WebDAV secret
  • [fix] Fix WebDAV error if a file is moved immediately after uploading
  • Remove redundent logs in seafile.log
  • [fix] Fix “save to…” in share link
  • Add an option to show a user’s email in sharing dialog (ENABLE_SHOW_CONTACT_EMAIL_WHEN_SEARCH_USER)
  • Add database connection pool to reduce database connection usage
  • Enable generating internal links for files in an encrypted library
  • Support setting the expire date time of a share link to a specific date time
  • GC add --id-prefix option to scan a specific range of libraries
  • fsck add an option to not check block integrity to speed up scanning
  • [fix] ccnet no longer listen on port 10001

I’ve just installed it on my Centos 7 server. The only issue was that I forgot to run:
chown -R seafile:seafile seafile-server-7.1.5
Thank you!