Seafile community edition 8.0.4 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with following fixed and improvements:

  • [fix] Fix a permission denial problem in OCM, if a library is shared to more than two users in another server
  • [fix] Fix a bug in password protected upload link
  • [fix] Fix user search in “Transfering a library” dialog
  • Add “Open via Client” button in file view page
  • Add an admin API to change a user’s email

8.0.4 can’t be downloaded. The link on the download page is broken

The icon/button for opening/closing the sidebar in the markdown editor is missing since 8.0.3. Actually it is not missing but due to a css setting, the icon is just of the size of 1 pixel.

Please check

.button-container .dropdown-menu-right .iconfont {font-size: .875px}


<i class="iconfont icon-angle-double-left">

And the send button shouldn’t be limited.

You can’t click on links to files in the library version history anymore because there are characters (b') in the link that shouldn’t be there.

We will check the problems.

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I try to upgrade from 8.0.3 to 8.0.4, but I have an error :

upgrade/ 25: upgrade/ Syntax error: “(” unexpected

Anyone can help me ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Confirm this problem.

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Confirm this problem too.

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LDAPS is broken with 8.0.4. Works fine with 8.0.3 (disabled libs and all), but as soon as 8.0.4 wants to connect, I only get

2021-03-29 12:49:44 ../common/user-mgr.c(497): ldap_search user 'username=*' failed for base ou=Users,o=example,c=com: Can't contact LDAP server.
2021-03-29 12:49:44 ../common/user-mgr.c(498): Please check BASE setting in ccnet.conf.

Anyone else with this problem?

Anyone can’t help us ? :frowning:

@steph / @elmau did you find a solution to this? What system are you on?
@eixeu0mo7chohsuR same question here, could you fix it? What system are you running?

@daniel.pan did you check those and the problem from Martin above?

I’m running Debian 10 and no, I did not find a solution and had to downgrade to 8.0.3 again unfortunately

This problem will be fixed in the next release.

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No, I did not found a solution, unfortunately.
Waiting an answer or a fix.

I install in new server directly 8.0.4, soo, I not used

After upgrading from 8.0.3 to 8.0.4 I’ve recognized the logout button in Seahub uses a wrong path if Seafile is accessed via a subdirectory (like - with version 8.0.4 the logout button leads to instead of

Maybe someone can confirm this bug. I’ve just made a rollback to 8.0.3.