Seafile community edition 8.0.7 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with following fixes and improvements:

  • Improve performance for listing deleted files in trash
  • [fix] Fix FORCE_PASSWORD_CHANGE does not force the new user to change their password if the user is added by admin
  • [fix] Fix setting a webdav password when 2FA enabled
  • [fix] Fix search in a shared sub-folder
  • [fix] Remove watermark shown in Collabora integration

The Docker image has been updated too:

  • The base image has been changed to Ubuntu 20.04
  • Fuse extension can work now. (WebDAV, gc, fsck have been tested too)

Another butter-smooth upgrade! Thank you for the great software!

Has the guest invitation feature been added to Community Edition ?

It is not. Corrected now.

Very nice! Just wondering, should it be possible to run seafile-fuse outside the docker container, on the host or possibly on a different container? It’d be nice to not have an internet-facing container with the SYS_ADMIN capability enabled.

I’m afraid this is not possible.