Seafile community edition 9.0.7 is ready!

Note: included lxml library is removed for some compatiblity reason. The library is used in published libraries feature and WebDAV feature. You need to install lxml manually after upgrade to 9.0.7. Use command pip3 install lxml to install it.

The changelog:

  • A page in published libraries is rendered at the server side to improve loading speed.
  • Upgrade Django from 3.2.6 to 3.2.14
  • Fix a bug in collaboration notice sending via email to users’ contact email
  • Support OnlyOffice oform/docxf files
  • Improve user search when sharing a library
  • Admin panel support searching a library via ID prefix
  • [fix] Fix preview PSD images
  • [fix] Fix a bug that office files can’t be opened in sharing links via OnlyOffice
  • [fix] Go fileserver: Folder or File is not deletable when there is a spurious utf-8 char inside the filename

Is the Seafile Download page up-to-date?

Thanks for your notification. The download page has been updated now.

9.0.8 64bit


Just not announced yet or just a typo?

Seafile Server Changelog
=> not announced yet

Changelog is updated. 9.0.8 fixes some bugs.