Seafile-controller -t functionality broken on 8.x

Running seafile-controller -t will geneate the following:
seaf-server: invalid option – L
usage: seaf-server [-c config_dir] [-d seafile_dir]
failed to run “seaf-server -t” [256]

Furthermore, there is no config testing logic in seaf-server and also does not accept the -t option.

“seaf-server -F “%s” -c “%s” -d “%s” -L “%s” -t -f”,

Valid args in seaf-server are here:

Also, there is the ability to select debugging mode in seaf-server via the -D option, and in seafile-controller, the -G option is how you set this, however, seafile-controller does not set this arg when executing the seaf-server command.

The log level could be using another function to set via seafile_log_init but I didn’t dig into this deep enough to understand how this works.

The -t option issue is a bug. We’ll fix it.

For the -G option, it’s rarely needed. Usually you can set SEAFILE_DEBUG environment variable instead.

Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for the quick response.

Is there a more suitable place you prefer bug reports to be created like this?

@Ultima You can submit bugs on Github: